The restaurant

The restaurant

Located on the ground floor of the two houses, opening onto a cosi garden and planted with fruit trees, bordered by the chef’s vegetable garden, it offers refined cuisine, homemade and seasonal, from fresh products intelligently and artistically staged by our young team.

In service and in the kitchen: Kim Plaire and Alain

Bookings on 027 565 35 70

Monday to Friday from 5 p.m. to midnight
Saturday from 11 a.m. to midnight
Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

(opening at noon on request, minimum 10 people.)

Our entries

  • Jack be little squash velouté, raw wild boar ham, crunchy bread tile with serac
  • Fresh salmon gravlax with goji berries, horseradish macaroon, wakamé salad and calamansi
  • The pan-fried with five mushrooms scented with black garlic, perfect egg at 64 degrees
  • Homemade foie gras with apricots, light pistachio crust, canding chutney and ginger
  • Homemade Cranberry deer pie, chestnut liqueur candy, mesclun of the day

Our dishes

  • Deer civet with red wine and bitter chocolate, rutabaga mirepoix and Jerusalem artichoke
  • Cute fillet of big-veneur-style marcassin, celeriac puree, mini garden apple, blueberries
  • Lasagna open to pheasant, caramelized endives, Valais blue cream, glazed vegetables
  • Risotto with scallops, yellow oyster mushrooms, fresh goat from the Besson family and beetroot Crapaudine
  • Grilled beef fillet, Jamaican chilli béarnaise, gourmet tartlet

(optional accompaniment: French fries, spatzlis, linguine in olive oil)

Our desserts and cheeses

  • The cheese plate from here and abroad
  • Iced pear and chocolate soufflé, baby pear infused with four spices, cocoa crumble
  • Trifle with speculoos, plums from the garden with Porto, salted butter caramel cream
  • Seasonal fruit, tequila, lemon basil sorbet, orange blossom meringue
  • The hot chocolate and red fruit surprise

“Hunting” menu – CHF 75

  • The deer crust pate
  • Jack be little squash velouté
  • Cute marcassin fillet way big-veneur
  • The chocolate and red fruit surprise

A little bit of madness…

Check out our “eyes closed” menu – CHF 70

The chef offers a five-course menu based on his inspiration and seasonal produce.

(served at the whole table)

Menus for GROUPS

Group menu 1 – CHF 60

  • Appetite
  • The homemade terrine, fruit chutney from the garden
  • Yellow chicken supreme stuffed with oyster mushrooms and black garlic, potato gratin and vegetables of the moment
  • Tatin apples and pears glazed with salted butter caramel


Group Menu 2 – CHF 70

  • Appetite
  • Tasting foie gras in three preparations
  • Beef fillet with shallots and gamay reduction, potato gratin and vegetables of the moment


  • Candied cod heart, virgin sauce with lemon oil, mashed potatoes with truffle
  • White chocolate crunch, mango ice cream


Group Menu 3 – CHF 80

  • Appetite
  • Salmon gravlax with Williamine, wakamé salad, macaroon with horseradish cream
  • Homemade foie gras with apricots, light pistachio crust
  • Cute veal, Béarnaise with lime, gourmet vegetable tart of the moment, sweet potato puree


  • Candied cod heart, virgin sauce with lemon oil, mashed potatoes with truffle
  • The plate of delicacies

Bookings are welcome on 027 565 35 70

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