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Welcome to your room

To thank you for your visit, you benefit from a FREE APERITIF (with or without alcohol) at the restaurant bar in exchange for your registration on the mobile application of LA GRANDE MAISON and on presentation of your PASS in the application.

Some information:

Check-in : 17:00 – 20:00
As there is no classic reception, ring the bell at the entrance and we will answer you. If however we do not answer it is certainly because we are at the restaurant, do not hesitate to get off there or call the hotel number +41 79 830 76 07.

Departures and check-out: before 12:00.
The payment of overnight stays is made on the morning of departure, at the level of the breakfast room.

If these times do not suit you, call us on the morning of your arrival or at least one hour before your arrival, we will make every effort to adapt to your schedules.

In 2006, we bought Pascal’s family home and turned it into a guest house. In December 2007 we opened our first 7 rooms. A few years later we were able to buy the southern part of the house and thus had the opportunity to open, in 2011, our restaurant. In 2018, we had the chance to inaugurate our five new rooms in the southern part.

But before us…
The main part was built between 1808 and 1809, by Jean-Baptiste Jacquier of seven generations the grandfather of Pascal. As for the southern part, we know that it is older, but have not found any information about it. A beam indicates the date of 1592, but there is no evidence that this is its year of construction. During the renovations, we discovered some steps still visible, which indicate that the two buildings were already connected at the time.

Breakfast is served on the first floor of the main house. It is offered as a small buffet, and is composed of homemade jams, dairy products, salty products, boiled eggs, cereals, fruits, fruit juices.

It is served between 8:00 and 10:30.

In summer it is possible to take it on the terrace that is between the first and second floor.

If you have special wishes we can organize ourselves to satisfy them, inform us the day before so that we can organize.

During the day you can use the lounge that serves breakfast. You can use coffee or tea at will. The TV is also at your disposal, the remote control is on the side of the soapstone stove.

The upper terrace is also at your disposal. If you use the umbrellas, please close them when you leave, the wind blows quite strong in this place.

It is at your disposal from 19:00 to 22:00, it is not possible to privatize it, all our guests can have access to it.


The water is set to about 38 degrees, please do not change the temperature.


To open the jacuzzi, you must slide the thermal blanket forward, fold it up and drop it between the jacuzzi and the barrier. Then it is imperative to cover it, otherwise the water evaporates and the temperature drops.

For hygienic reasons, we require that all people who wish to use the jacuzzi take a soap-free shower before going there. Many of us use this basin, so it is imperative that everyone contributes to maintaining impeccable water.

As for the sauna, you can also use it, you have to turn it on for about twenty minutes before using it. The temperature must be set to the maximum, and the timer between position 3 and 4 of the white part.

Our restaurant welcomes you on the ground floor. Here you can enjoy seasonal cuisine, which varies regularly. You will find the map and all the useful information on our website or by clicking HERE.

The restaurant is not only reserved for our guests, so it is important to book in advance. If you have not done so and would like to eat on site, go to the restaurant as soon as you arrive to reserve a table.

Very popular in recent years, the electric bike is an excellent way to discover the region. If you want to book some, contact us before so that we can find you some. There are organized tours that might interest you. Some wineries offer thematic tours in their vineyards (

The bisse du Torrent-Neuf (bisse de Savièse)
This canal that served to direct water to the village, built in the first half of the XV century has been redeveloped and secured to offer you a breathtaking walk on the cliffside. To bypass the most perilous passages, four footbridges, although vertiginous, allow you to discover this alpine landscape without danger.

The Sanetsch Valley
Discover this preserved valley, witness of the pastoral life of yesteryear, punctuated by “mayens” bordering a winding road, more than 30 km, leading you to the Senin dam overlooking Gsteig, and the Saanen valley. Cyclists will especially appreciate it.
Higher up you can see the Tsanfleron glacier, a walk from the pass can lead you to the Prarochet Hut, at about 1H30, the more sporty can even reach the Glacier 3000.

Along the stop from the Grande Maison you can reach a small hut. This walk can be undertaken by the Mayens-de-la-Zour, or the Grande Maison for the more adventurous. It offers a perfectly clear landscape on the Pennine Alps, will you be able to recognize the famous Matterhorn, seen from Savièse?

But still…
The Val d’Hérens, its typical villages, its dam and pyramids, the Val d’Anniviers, Sion and its small but no less bucolic old town, the domain of the islands to swim or surf on the waves ofAlaïa Bay

The nearest train station is Anzère, a 15-20 minute drive away. It is a small family resort very pleasant, and like its big sister Crans-Montana, less than 30 minutes away, it is bathed in sunshine even in the heart of the winter season.
Opposite, in the second part of the season, when the sun has started the snow of our two brave neighbors, favor the resorts of the northern slope such as Nendaz-Veysonnaz, Nax, Vercorin, Grimentz, Zinal, St-Luc or Chandolin (but the other ….) Count 30 minutes for the resorts of the Val d’Hérens and a little more for the anniviardes.
If you like hot baths after your days of skiing, 45 minutes away you can relax in the spas of Leukerbad or Ovronnaz.

Hiking in the snow
Anzère offers several snowshoe trails marked during the winter. As for the Sanetsch valley, it also offers magnificent walks, but you will have to go in search of them, we are here to help you tame it.

Cross-country skiing
You can practice this sport in Anzère, Crans-Montana or Evolène depending on the snow. However, if you really want to practice it, do not hesitate to take a day and go to the Conches valley, this is where it happens for Nordic skiing in Valais.

Since 2012 we offer, from September to June, about one show per month, over two days. We became passionate about this art and created the grange Maison association. Every year we go to Avignon to participate in its theater festival. We complete our Swiss offer with all the pearls that we look forward to discovering every year.
To find out about our current offer, visit the THEATRE page.

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